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Headsets for Cisco Phones

Headsets For Cisco IP Phones models:
6921, 6941, 6945, 6961, 7931G, 7940, 7940G, 7941, 7941G, 7942G, 7945, 7945G, 7960, 7960G, 7961, 7961G, 7962, 7962G, 7965G, 7970G, 7975G, 8941, 8945, 8961, 9951, 9971 SPA504G, SPA525G, SPA303G, SPA502G, SPA508G, SPA509G, 8811, 8841, 8845, 8851, 8861, 8865

There are several different choices for headsets to connect to your Cisco Phone. Cisco phones have a dedicated headset port so the cost of your headset is dramatically reduced. These direct Connect Headsets are widely used by Fortune 1000 companies and many call centers and customer service centers. When you are looking for that perfect sound with a functional design, look no further. The direct connect headsets are the most economical way to use a headset with your Cisco telephone and we bring it all to you at the lowest price in the industry.